Oh, a sailor's life is
The life for me
How I love to sail o'er
The bounding sea
And I never, never,
Ever do a thing about the weather
For the weather never
Ever does a thing for me!

Take your friends for a whirl as they figure out what you are, win the unique costumes category and have fun being an extinct bird for an evening. Bonus points if your friend comes dressed as the Lory! Costume comes with Purple fur legs, Purple and grey mask, Navy and Gold jacket.

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No reservations, first come first served. These are some of the ones we have available though there will be more to see and try on at the open house.

Not available to be shipped, must come pick-up. There will be an open house to see all the costumes, try them on and rent them on Saturday October 20th from 12-3 p.m. and Wednesday October 24th from 6-9 p.m.. If you have a party that is before these dates contact us and we can arrange for you to rent the costumes ahead of time. Return date is by November 5th. Any late returns will be charged $20, plus an additional $5 per day that it is late. The deposits must be made with credit card, though rentals can be charged by debit or e-transfer.

Please enjoy these costumes, they have all been hand designed and hand made. While all have been worn for our plays they all have been dry-cleaned and anything residual is stained. We expect you to have a good time in the costumes, but do be respectful. If any major damages or stains occur on the costume your credit card will be charged for the cleaning and repairs depending on the severity and the original value of the costume.

If you have any questions please contact us at 403-903-9353 and we can help.