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  • 205 8 Avenue Southeast
  • Calgary, AB, T2G 0K9
  • Canada

Lake Geneva, early summer, 1816. GENESIS takes place in the living room of Diodati, Byron’s villa, and the bedroom of Mary and Shelley’s villa, now named the Maison Chapuis, which was located up the hillside from Diodati. It stunningly portrays the nights of intrigue and titillation between Lord Byron, Mary & Percy Shelley, Dr. Pollidori, and Claire Clairmont inspiring Mary Shelley to produce one of the most celebrated works of horror literature.

GENESIS has a dark intensity that not only builds to a hair-raising finale, but pays off intellectually as we see the idea for Frankenstein get patched together in Mary’s mind. Perhaps the play’s strongest virtue is in showing that social stigmas can maintain a chokehold over human desires, even among the wanton leisure class.

General Admission: $24.95-   Students/Seniors: $19.95

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