• Stan Rogers Memorial Stage (map)
  • 609 5 Street
  • Canmore, AB, T1W 2E9
  • Canada

Artists’ Collective Theatre and Canmore's Pine Tree Players are proud to be producing two shows in repertory for the Canmore Summer Theatre Festival July 4-8, 2018

Apple Kingdom by Eric Pettifor, Arrangements by Charlotte Loeppky

A fantasy/musical, this fairy-tale tells the story of a young king whose kingdom was so small he was mocked by the other kings of the world.  In exchange for power he promises the witch his first born daughter on her 16th birthday. But though the witch delivers on her promise, when the princess nears her 16th birthday, the king regrets the deal he made so many years ago.  Can he save his daughter? Can the prince who woos his daughter help? Might help come from an unexpected quarter, the familiar of the witch, a giant, bipedal talking Lizard?

Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare, adapted by Amanda Liz Cutting

A classic tale with 1970’s flare. Music, movement, and, of course, incense, flowered wreaths, and peace signs. "Come and see, you who are negligent, Montagues and Capulets ... One lot already grieving, the other in fear."