On Monday November 28, 2016 Artists' Collective Theatre is proud to announce that tickets go on sale for the play Alice's Wonderland. 

Alice’s Wonderland is an adaptation of the novel and stories by Lewis Carrol. Alice is a 7 year old girl who, while sitting with her sister, falls asleep and enters a wonderland of fanciful characters each adding their own humour and dimension to the adventure. Through all the absurdity and whimsy, Alice learns a great deal about life and growing up in a precarious world.

The production is a medley of musical theatre, movement, dance, mask, & puppetry consisting of upwards of 50 characters, multiple parts often being played by one performer. ACT will also be partnering with Trinity Christian School and their students.

The play runs from Thursday March 9, 2017 to Saturday March 18, 2017. You can purchase tickets online at Artists' Collective Theatre web site.