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  • 2007 10 Avenue Southwest
  • Calgary, AB, T3C 0K4
  • Canada
Shape of a Girl.jpg

The Shape of a Girl, by Canadian playwright Joan MacLeod, is a powerful one woman show that deals with the grim extent of female bullying and the code of silence amongst teens. Following the news about the Reena Vick murder in Victoria 1997, sixteen year old Bradie becomes aware of parallels in her own life and relationships with her peers. She can see "the way in", how bullying that starts as early as elementary school, can lead to tragedy amongst teens.

In addition to the original one woman version of the play, we received permission from Ms. MacLeod to adapt the script for a limited number of performances with three actors. They represent other characters in the play, as well as Bradie at various ages in her young life. These actors (Eden Nielson, 14; Megan Tracz, 16;, Ari Deiber, 20) each bring a very different perspective as well as experience to the part.

Thursday September 26th7:30 pmTrio
Friday September 27th (sold out)1:30 pmTrio
Friday September 27th7:30 pmMegan
Saturday September 28th2:30 pmTrio
Saturday September 28th7:30 pmMegan
Sunday September 29th2:30 pmAri
Sunday September 29th7:30 pmTrio
Tuesday October 1st7:30 pmTBA
Wednesday October 2nd7:30 pmAri
Thursday October 3rd7:30 pmTrio
Friday October 4th7:30 pmTBA
Saturday October 5th2:30 pmTrio
Saturday October 5th7:30 pmMegan